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Have you ever walked through the dollar store and found something that you were drawn to and felt you needed to alter it to give it some extra pizazz?  That's exactly what I thought as I was walking through the small bridal section and spotted a gift presentation box set.  The set contained three small jewelry sized boxes and just sat there begging to be fancied up a bit!

Well...and since it's another Heartfelt Creations Wednesday know where I'm going with this don't you!  LOL
You can make anything pretty with the Heartfelt Creations touch!
So I set about to giving one of those sad white little boxes a new lease on life...a little tissue paper, embossing powder, some fantastic die cuts and flowers....

...and voila...

I decided to go with a lace and rose theme for this creation.
(Stick with me and I'll share a quick tutorial with you on how I achieved that lace look on the box with tissue paper, stamped images and heat embossing!)
Wedding season is just around the corner and I thought it would be great to create something a little different for your presentation cheque or gift card.

Believe it or not, most of this project has been created with the "Cascading Fuchsia" collection.  The "I Want it All Kit" has sold out, however you can still grab all these fabulous items individually.  The gorgeous decorative oval die is an absolute must's so elegant!  And, the fuchsia stamps and dies are ones that you will never be sorry you have in your collection.  The roses on this gift box have actually been created with the fuchsia stamps and dies!  (I've included a link to a Heartfelt tutorial on shaping roses in my instructions at the end of this blog post...and while the die may be different...the technique is the same!) 

Here's a close up look at the roses...

I love how the white embossing powder pulls out the veining in the fuchsia stamp and makes them look so elegant!  And a touch of tulle and some pearls were just the perfect finishing bridal elements!

Now, I promised you a quick tutorial on how I achieved that look of lace on the's not a new technique by any means...but it's pretty quick and simple but looks fantastic once it's done!
I so wish I'd had time to work on a matching card, because this technique would look so awesome on a matching card as well.

On with the tutorial..

Cut your tissue paper a bit larger than the size of the lid you're wishing to cover.  Make sure you have enough to wrap around all sides both inside and outside.  Using a white ink, stamp the fuchsia image onto the tissue paper...sprinkle with embossing powder and heat emboss.  Then repeat as many times as necessary to fill the background of your tissue paper.

Here's a photo of what your finished tissue paper will look like... you will need to crumple this tissue paper up ...that's what gives you the beautiful texture later when you apply the tissue paper to the box... you'll have to reopen the tissue paper gently, being careful to resist the urge to smooth it'll want all those wrinkles...

You are now ready to apply the tissue paper with Modge Podge and a foam will just need a thin layer of the glue...

...begin with applying Modge Podge to just the top of the box and set your tissue paper onto the glue.  Try not to smooth out the paper, but rather pat it down so you keep the creases in the paper.

 Make sure that it is adhered everywhere and then move along to the long outside edges of the box. Moving along to the short ends, tuck the corners in as you do when wrapping a present and then add a touch more glue over the folds and adhere the tissue paper.  If your tissue is uneven now when you have all the outer sides covered, trim so the tissue is basically the same length all the way around.  This will leave you with the neatest finish inside the box as possible.  Again, starting with the longest sides on the inside, apply glue and then adhere tissue to sides.  Proceed with all edges.  Now, I had a bit of glue squish onto the bottom of the inside, so I cut a piece of white card stock just slightly smaller than the size of the lid and then adhered it to the in
side of the lid to cover up any glue overage that may appear. 

You now have a pretty, lace look gift box that you can embellish any way you choose...for really any occasion you choose!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope I've been able to inspire you today!
For more fantastic inspiration, be sure to visit the Heartfelt Creations blog!

And...psssttt...I have another Heartfelt Creations blog post coming tomorrow featuring another any occasion card!  So stay tuned!

Until next time...

Project Supplies and Instructions
HCPC-3671  Fuchsia Clusters Cling Stamp Set
HCPC-3668  Cascading Fuchsia Cling Stamp Set
HCD1-763  Cascading Fuchsia Die
HCD1-762  Decorative Oval Die
HCPC-3651  Botanical Rose Cling Stamp Set
HCD1-758  Botanical Wings Die
HCD2-752  Cut Mat Create 2B Die
HCST1-401  Deluxe Flower Shaping Kit
SMP001  Stamp Mat Pad
273900  Zip Dry Glue
159723  Art Institute Glue - Dries Clear
352854  Art Institute - Metal Glue Tip

Other Products Used:  small gift box, Stampin Up White ink, Zing white embossing powder, Modge Podge, white tissue paper, white card stock, Stampin Up pearls, BigShot die cutting machine, heat tool, white tule, sponge paint brush, water, water mist bottle, Elmer's Spray adhesive

Cut a piece of white tissue paper larger than the box cover you will be covering.  Starting at the edge of the tissue paper begin stamping the chosen image (I have used the swirl fuchsia image from the Fuchsia Clusters Cling Stamp Set) onto the tissue paper with white ink.  Once you have stamped the image, cover with white embossing powder, shake off and then heat emboss.  Repeat this step until you have your pattern completely covering the tissue paper. Next, crumple tissue paper into a ball.  Straighten out slightly, however do not smooth our wrinkles.  Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge to the top of the box cover and adhere the patterned tissue paper over top making sure to have enough overhang to cover the outer and inner edges.  Next adhere Modge Podge to the longest sides of the box and adhere tissue paper.  For the shorter edges of the box, apply Modge Podge to the sides and fold tissue paper edges as though you were gift wrapping a present.  Trim overhang tissue paper to be close to the same size as possible all around the box for as clean a look as possible for the inner edges of the box.  Apply Modge Podge to each edge and fold tissue paper inside.  Measure the dimensions of your gift box and cut a small white piece of cardstock slightly smaller than the measurement.  Adhere this piece of card stock to the inside top of the box to hide any messy mechanics that may have happened during brushing on the Modge Podge.  Set aside cover to dry completely.  Next using a manual die cutting machine cut one decorative oval.  Using a spray adhesive, apply to top cover of gift box.  Die cut two vining floral corners from the Cut Mat Create 2B die and apply one full die cut to one corner and set aside the second die cut to use later.  Stamp the Cascading Fuchsia cling stamp set several times and heat emboss with white embossing powder.  Die cut using the Cascading Fuchsia die.  Using the Deluxe Flower shaping kit along with some water mist, create three roses varying in size.  For a tutorial on shaping roses please see here.  Adhere a small piece of tulle to the corner where you have already applied the vining corner.  Adhere two roses among the tulle.  Going back to the second vining corner die cut, using a scissor, trim into smaller sections.  Adhere the third rose to the opposite corner of the floral cluster.  Adhere the smaller vining sections around the single rose.  Using white ink, stamp the two leaves from the Botanical Rose Cling Stamp Set, and once again heat emboss using white embossing powder.  Add leaves to the floral cluster.  Lastly, add small pearls to the centre of each intricate design in the decorative oval and larger pearls to each of the flower centres in the vining die cuts.  Bring on the wedding season...your presentation is sure to stand out in this beautiful gift box which will be treasured for years.   
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