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I'm back today with a project for Scrapbooks by Design!
Did you know that they carry a bunch of all the latest and greatest paper collections?
If you've never stopped by their online website...what are you waiting for!

Now, if you've been a follower of my blog for awhile, you will already know that I am a huge fan of all things Graphic 45.  When I saw the "Home Sweet Home" collection I knew that I absolutely needed to do something with it!

So, I decided to do a pocket letter!
If you have not heard of this new trend of pen pal-ing and swapping you really must check it out!  There is a whole website dedicated to it when you can sign up and find people to swap with, and Facebook has pages as well!

Ok, so I'm going to give you a little hint as to why I like buying whole paper collections versus single sheets of random patterned paper....absolutely everything works together and I think that leads to less waste....and not to mention it makes creating a project quick and stress free because you're not sifting through everything to find items that go together.

Such is the case with the paper collection I've chosen to use today!
The "Home Sweet Home" collection has small image cards that can be cut down and used perfectly for a pocket letter. These along with the patterned paper make for some colorful and gorgeous pockets!

So, the first thing you will need is a baseball trading card page.  (I purchase mine at the dollar store)
Each of the nine pockets in the page measures 2 1/2" x 3 1/2".

So the first thing you will do is start trimming the image panels and decorative paper you wish to use!

Now I like to layer some of my pockets.  For instance, I've layered the above image onto some patterned paper as I had to trim it down smaller than the pocket.  I also like to use some scraps to embellish the pocket cards as well....pocket letters are such a great way to use up those little bits and pieces in a collection that would otherwise go to waste!

Here you can see I've chosen my images and patterned papers and have started inserting them into the pockets.  

The other thing I love about purchasing a paper collection is the fact that all of these papers are double sided and will look just as awesome on the back as they do on the front...take a peek!

...and don't worry about those scraps on the side...there is a plan for them yet!

Pocket letters often include small crafty gifts inside of them for the recipient and even tea, garden seeds, etc.   (Wouldn't garden seeds be just perfect to include in this country themed letter?)
I know you're going to get tired of my saying this....but with a coordinating paper collection you can even make your own!

Here's a few I created to enclose in this letter...

The tags pictured here have come from the coordinating chipboard journaling collection as well as the tags and pockets collection.  The vegetable images as well as the other image panels have been cut from one of the patterned papers in the collection and the recipient can use them in their smash book, planner, etc.  Lastly, I've used some of the chipboard pieces to create a topper for a paper clip.  I've also fussy cut two cute shapes from one of the patterned papers and used them to create a paper clip topper as well! 

Ready for a peek at the finished project?

As you can see I've also done a little more embellishing!
I've used some stickers from the coordinating sticker collection to add to the outside of the letter itself.  I've used the alphas on the top pocket, and several sentiments.  I've cut a decorative strip with the chicken images and adhered it to the quilt patterned pocket.  I've also added two decorative strips along the bottom of the top row as well as the top of the bottom row of pockets.  I've included some of the goodies I created in the front and some in the back so there is interest and a surprise on both sides.  All that's left to add is the letter for the recipient!

I promise that you will love making pocket letters and projects with coordinating collections!
Putting a project together quickly has become so easy since I have started purchasing this way!
Scrapbooks by Design has a great selection...whether you like the vintage feel of Graphic 45 or the more fun and bright collections of Doodlebug Designs and Simple Stories!
Be sure to check them out!

I'd love to know what you think about this creation...please don't be shy...feel free to leave me a comment!

Until next time...
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