Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to you today!

As I sit here and schedule this post to go live Sunday morning, I just can't help but wonder to myself what my kids have in store for me!  They are old enough now that my hubby thought they could handle planning all on their own this year!  Should be interesting and lots of fun!
I'll have to pop by and share with you what they came up with!

Now I have to admit that I do not always make my mom a Mother's Day card....which is kinda strange from someone who makes so many cards!  LOL
But this year...I have been surrounded by such beautiful Heartfelt Creations papers that I just couldn't help myself!  (Guess I better stash some of the "Everyday Heroes" collection away to make a Fathers Day card!)

My mom is an amazing woman!  She is my biggest cheerleader...especially when it comes to my crafting!  She is such an encourager!  
She is always ready to keep my kids...(she has never babysat them...they "hang out"), always ready for me to drop in when I need a place to hang my hat for a few hours (living rural does have it's drawbacks when you have appointments several hours apart...you don't just run home) and all in all is just always ready to lend a helping hand or listening ear!
I know that I am blessed to still have my mom around while so many of you may not!

Well enough rambling!  

Here is the special card I created for my mom...

Now, don't be upset with me...I have no project supplies or instructions for you today!
I decided that this was going to be a one of a kind creation just for my mom!
(You're all such keeners anyway...I know you can figure it out!  LOL)

Well, that's all for me today!
A quick note just to share with you a special card for a special lady in my life!

Love you Mom!

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