Documenting Memories with the Insta Album from Heartfelt Creations...

Hello There!
I'm so glad we get to spend some time together's been a long while hasn't it!

Today I'm sharing my daughter's Sweet 16 Album with's only been a year in the making...I like most scrapbookers am behind in my memory keeping!

I opted to use the 8"x8" Insta Album base from Heartfelt Creations...they have a larger 12"x12" version available as well, but I thought the smaller one would be perfect for this occasion! And, of course I had to use the Sugarspun could you not for a Sweet 16!'s a peek of the cover...

I hauled out this album again to work on as I wanted to showcase how easy this system is to use in one of my live streams for Heartfelt Creations. You can find the replay here! If you catch the replay, you'll be able to see all of the different pockets and different pages that I've incorporated into the album on the go! This is a fantastic way to get a small album done in a short amount of time and still have it hold a significant number of photos!

...and here's a pic of the inside of the album...and some of the pages that I had completed previously...

I love that you can add tuck spots and pockets throughout this album...and that all of the measurements have been added for you for layering the papers...and of course the magnet placements! It takes all of the complicated thinking out of the creation and just allows you to get to the fun of the decorating process!

I've chosen to use the Cherry Blossom flowers from the Cherry Blossom Retreat Collection. I think that they are the perfect blossom to compliment the cupcake illustrations!

I do hope you've enjoyed the project I've shared today and have found yourself inspired to grab those special family photos and get them documented as well!

Until next time...

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