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Hello and Welcome!
Happy New Year!!!
I know it's been awhile again!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and your New Year is off to a wonderful start!

As you may have noticed, I haven't been around in awhile.
Our last few months have been super busy and I have just been happy to keep my little family afloat through it all!

I have been going through a "creative drought" as of late...there has just been a lot going on and stress levels have been quite high.  Over the last few weeks I decided that I needed to try something new creatively that was going to be just for me!  

I came across this extremely intriguing class by Tangie Baxter!
It flashed up as a sponsored ad on Facebook and I just had to check it out!
This caravan of classes revolves around creating the timeline of your own life in an artistic/mixed media way!  I thought this would be fun to give a try so I signed up!

I started with some page prep and decided to go with watercolor backgrounds!
I dug out my Prima watercolors which had seen very little use since being purchased. 

Here's a little photo showing you how I started with my prep...

Now I will admit that it felt good to just let loose and splash all those different colors around on the page.  I tend to be a tad on the perfectionist side...ok...a lot on the perfectionist side and usually have a very clear plan in mind when creating something.  So while this was fun, I really did have to tell myself that however the paint puddles landed was good enough!  LOL

Then came January 01...the release of the first lesson in the Time Line Project.  
Oh how I anticipated!  I watched the videos and it didn't take very long for some panic to set in!
We were to try to sketch some of our die cuts to use in our journaling!
Oh my!!!  There are two things that I really really suck at creatively...and that is drawing and painting!
What have I gotten myself into????

Well, I decided that I couldn't just write off the lesson...I had to jump off ledge and face my fears..so I started to doodle out a few little drawings!  I'm not even going to tell you how many times I had to redraw them before I was satisfied!  LOL

Are you ready for a peek?

That crazy looking fish, the pajamas and the little oven in the corner are all original sketches by me!
I will admit that I kinda had fun doing this and was glad that I jumped out of my comfort zone! 
I threw in a little hand lettering (I'm hoping to get some practice in on that as well yet), some motivational stickers and some Project Life embellishment bits I had lying around!
As you can see, my week is not totally completed here yet in this photo...that blank corner needs to be filled in and I'm waiting to add a small polaroid photo to the blank box (my batteries on my instax printer died and I need to get to town to pick some up).

I hope you've enjoyed my different kind of share here today!
If you're interest has been peaked, you can learn more about the classes here!

Until next time...

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