Happy Mother's Day...

It's a very special day today that we are celebrating in Canada and the United States!
It's Mother's Day!

I am lucky enough to still have my mom around and I get to see her on a very regular basis!
She's always ready to lend me a hand with the kids when my schedule is hectic and my hubby is not around.  She always makes supper for me and the kids on Wednesdays because we have piano lessons right after school and then have to wait in town for our youngest's Taekwando night.  I really wouldn't be able to get everything done at times if it wasn't for my mom!  
She's a huge support, an encourager and is always willing to lend a hand!

So, I decided to design a one of a kind card just for her!
I wasn't sure which Heartfelt Creations collection I was going to use at first until I started browsing supplies in my craft room.  I came across the Enchanted Mum collection and thought it was perfect!
I also decided that I wanted to use a flip fold album insert as a card base for this special creation.  I opted to go with a craft colored insert!  To give the card a feminine touch, I decided to die cut into the base as well as to add a decorative die cut to the top. 

Here's how the creation came out...

I love how soft and feminine it turned out!

Here's a closer look at the sentiment portion I trimmed off of one the pages in the Enchanted Mum Collection...

...and here's a closer look at the top floral cluster...

Well, that's my quick share for today!
I hope you've enjoyed almost as much as my mom enjoyed receiving her card!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Until next time...

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