Something A Little Different....

...ok or perhaps very different than you're used to seeing here!  LOL

I'm so glad you are able to join me here today!

I wanted to share something a little different with you that I worked on!
I am currently taking a super awesome online course called God Glory Art by Jamie Dougherty!  She has brought together 10 awesome and talented artists that each have a gifting in a different area! 
This week was week two...and a week that really had me coming out of my comfort zone. 
It was an artistic type class with a bit of loose sketching involved. 
Well, anyone who knows me knows that I don't have an artistic bone in my body!
But, I was up for the challenge as the sketching really was to be not too perfect.
The lesson that Sue Kemnitz was so easy to follow.  She did a wonderful job with step by step instructions and was super encouraging to give it a try even if it was out of our comfort.  

Here's how my cards turned out using the techniques I learned form the God Glory Art Workshop this week...

...and here's the second set...

I've created backgrounds using acrylic paints, some stencils, baby wipes and black pen.  I've sketched out the you can see there's not that much talent there, but they were to be very loose sketches that were just to resemble figures...more of an abstract art type style!
I've added some sparkle by applying a dries clear glue with a make up sponge and then applied transparent glitter.  

These cards will be a gift to a "Soul Sister" that I have online!
I hope she will appreciate and enjoy them and will use them to encourage others in her life!

That's my quick share for today!
I have to say it was a lot of fun stepping out of the box and creating something a little different...expanding my horizons and trying something totally new!
I hope you've enjoyed!

Until next time...

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