Heartfelt Creations "Romantique Garden" Release

Happy Friday!
And can you believe it's "Black Friday" already?
Time sure is flying!
For us here in Canada, this day is certainly not as crazy a day as for our US neighbours.  The idea is catching on here slowly it seems, and there are a few sales to be had... but nothing like the stories I hear about sales and crowds in the United States!

I have exciting news for you today though...Heartfelt Creations has decided to release a new collection today just in time for "Black Friday".

Here's a little info on the new collection...

Love is in full bloom with the Romantique Garden collection from Heartfelt Creations.  A romantic symphony composed in subtle shades of pink, fuchsia, green, cream and charcoal harmonizes beautifully with picturesque images of dainty hummingbirds, devoted love birds, graceful swans and delicate bleeding heart bushes.  Ornate ironwork backgrounds are in perfect harmony with layered elements of vintage sheet music, lace, flowing handwriting, scrollwork, florals, stripes and flourishes.  Six hand drawn stamp sets capture the idyllic beauty of a peaceful garden where swans glide across the surface of a glassy lake, nesting lovebirds are wreathed in flowers, and hummingbirds sip nectar from blossom laden branches of exquisite beauty.  The coordinating die cuts feature elegant swirled stems, a graduated set of bleeding heart blossoms and a majestic pair of swimming swans.  Dreamy and idyllic, uplifting and inspiring, romantic and moving as a masterfully scored concerto, this enchanting collection is a celebration of love and life amidst the extraordinary beauty of nature.

 Such a beautiful, romantic collection!

Have you ever heard the folklore story behind the bleeding heart?
It is a story of unrequited love!
It involves a prince who is head over heels in love with a princess who doesn't give him the time of day.  He tries to woo her and she is not interested.  Upon his last attempt to win her heart, she once again seems disinterested and he takes his life.  Low and behold the princess realizes that she really did love him and has made a mistake and she decrees her heart will bleed forever.  And, each piece of the bleeding heart flower ties into part of the story as you pull apart it's layers. You can read more about this bit of folklore here

When I saw this collection for the first time, I couldn't get over how romantic it was. 
I knew I wanted to create something that told the story of this beautiful flower.  When I came across the cutting file I've used at SnapDragon Snippets, I knew it would work perfectly!
What could be more romantic than a carriage ride through a wooded garden around a castle...and represent the folklore of the prince and princess more perfectly?

Let me show you...

and another view...

I thought this would make an awesome paper craft to accompany a gift for a bridal shower, wedding or special anniversary!

So, hurry on over to the Heartfelt Creations Online Store and pick up this collection before it's gone!  It's perfect for all those romantic occasions you need to create for!
And don't forget to pop by the Heartfelt Creations blog to see all of the other dreamy creations the rest of the very creative design team have created for your viewing pleasure...as well as the instructions for this creation!

Until next time...

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