Party Success

Well, it's been a busy time here at our house the last few weeks!  Camping season began for us on the May long weekend here in Canada...and it was rainy the entire weekend.  We stayed out until Sunday night, and then called it quits as everyone was tired of spending time in the can only watch so and so many movies, play so and so many games, etc. 

The end of the long weekend meant that I really needed to put the final touches on our daughters Bday Party.  By Thursday I had received all the RSVP's and everyone could attend.  I had confirmed with our venue (Clay Owl Pottery Studio) and all was ago!  So...I got busy with making cupcake picks, and embellishing straws, and scouring our local dollar stores for napkins, plates etc. 

Here are the little owl embellies I came up with using my Silhouette Cameo once again...

We separated Skittles into the various colors to represent "paint", and had several different colored polka dotted napkins and old fashioned paper straws.  Painters palettes from the local dollar store made the perfect plates!  And of course, we had cupcakes that were multicolored and splattered with "paint".  (That idea came from Pinterest!) 

Here's a few close ups...

The party was a huge success, and all the girls had a wonderful time!  They painted their pottery piece of choice, and this week those pieces will be fired and glazed and I can pick them up on the weekend and start distribution to the owners!  Each piece of pottery will be delivered in a clear "paint tin" that I lucked out and found in our local dollar store as well.  I'll add some ribbons and of course cut out an owl or two from the Silhouette Cameo, and the loot "tins" will be complete! 

Thanks for stopping by today....I hope you've maybe picked up an inspiration or two for the next party you have to plan!
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